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Why a Teardrop?
The Problem:
  A family of four - 2 adults, one 11 year old, and a 3 year old.
  2 cars - Dodge intrepid and a GMC stepside standard cab truck.
  And around a $4000 budget.

The Debate:
  - Do I buy a 21' camper and tow it with my truck? No, I can't haul 4 people in my truck.
  - Do I buy a new extended cab truck? No, not in the budget.
  - Do I buy a pop-up tent trailer and haul it with the Intrepid? I could but then you spend $4000 dollars for a big tent with press board cupboards.
  - What else can I tow with the Intrepid?
  A boler, Skamp, Aliner or any 13' trailer. But then for the $4000 I end up with a 20 year old trailer that I need to fix up.

The Answer:
  You knew this was coming.......A Teardrop trailer!!!!!

  My wife and I happened across a Travel channel show called RV Crazy!   We were hooked, we both thought "How cool is that?".    After we searched the net for a month or so, we decided that is was very achievable and we wanted to do it.   My father thinks I'm crazy and I won't like that style of camping, but Lori and I are pretty set that this is what we would like to do.
 We are currently developing ideas on what we would like.   A 5' x 9' Benroy with a fold-out is the leading idea.   The boys would tent camp, but I would like the option of bringing them in, in case of weather.   Thus the fold-out.

 More to come....


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